Pennoni Rigati - GIUSEPPE COCCO

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Pennoni Rigati is traditional Italian pasta hygienically produced in Fara San Martino, Abruzo. This pasta is handmade with hard wheat semolina and cold spring water. When it comes to the best pasta, the coiled Pennoni Rigati stand out among its peer.

It is nutritious, easy to cook, delicious and can light up your palate. We all want to eat a great meal each time we feel like eating but it is not easy to get our desire most time. If you really want to eat special food that packs excellent nutrients, Pennoni Rigati is the right food for you.

Within 6 minutes, the food is ready and you can delight your palate with this delicious pasta. You can add any sauce you like to this pasta because it’s that type of pasta that is good with any sauce. Just like a king, you can make yourself and your loved ones happy by preparing this pasta as breakfast, lunch or dinner.