Lentils of Castelluccio of Norcia - MONTELLO

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Grown in the high altitude of Castelluccio of Norcia in Italy, Lentils of Castelluccio of Norcia distinct size can be described as round, flat and small, as well as vary in color from green to light brown to faded yellow. The difference is clear when compared to other lentils.

The location, special soil and good climate where these lentils are produced are what make them special. These lentils have a soft texture and thin skin that allows them to be easily cooked without being first soaked. With Lentils of Castelluccio of Norcia, you are sure of good nutritional qualities including mineral salt, fibers, proteins, and vitamins. They are also rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium and perfect for a low-fat diet.

This lentils of Castelluccio of Norcia can be combined with oil, garlic and celery salt and enjoyed with any kind of dish. It contains an easily digestible protein and rich in iron. It is perfect as an appetizer and once opened, be sure to store in a fridge.