Bù Cream Buffalo Milk and Rum

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'Bù' Italian Cream Liqueur with Buffalo Milk and Rum is Dolceterra's new product, an intense, creamy, imposing liqueur which could almost be said to create a food supply chain linking all the way back to the province of Salerno itself.
This genuine, natural and authentic liqueur is truly one-of-a-kind thanks to its lack of synthetic flavorings.
Bù, made with buffalo milk and rum, is a creamy, velvety liqueur with a unique and surprising taste. 
The milk used to produce it comes from buffalo in the province of Salerno, blended with high-quality Caribbean rum. It makes for a pleasant drink at any time of the day, both as an aperitif and as a digestif. The amazing originality of Bù al Rum will dazzle you and all your friends!

Buffalo Milk, Sugar, 3-Year-Old Caribbean Rum, Flavoring.
18% vol.

Best served chilled.  
Elegant and refined bottle 16.9 fl oz.