Anchovy Fillets

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Processed and carefully conserved, Anchovy Fillets are top quality. Everybody loves Anchovy Fillets because it is tasty and aromatic. Ask any chef or experienced home cook; they will tell you it is the industry favorite because they are the concentrated source of inosinic and glutamic acid, which triggers our sensation of savoriness.

It allows you to serve your meal aromatic and tasty. Anchovy Fillets are aged for 12 weeks to make it richer and more favorable. Anchovy is packed with Fillets made with the tastiest olive oil that gives it more flavor and taste. Italians love this aromatic fish because it is easy to use in recipes. It will actually make your meal better, aromatic and tasty.

Whether old or young, you can also enjoy the delicious taste of Anchovy Fillets in your salads, sauces and any other dish. Even if you can’t finish it once, the olive oil will help you conserve it for a long period. You just have to taste it to know how delicious it is.