Traditional Soppressata

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Traditional Soppressata is Italian natural dry pork nicely ground and spiced with red pepper flakes, whole peppercorns, and garlic. This Soppressata is not only sweet, but also soft in the mouth. This classic Italian sausage will always remind you of Italy and make you want to always gather your family or friends for a nice meal.

You are sure to enjoy our Traditional Soppressata any time of the day! It is fully cooked, tender and hearty sausage for young and old. Whether in the afternoon or night, you will enjoy Traditional Soppressata. Just slice it nicely and enjoy!

If you want to surprise your friend or family with sweet sausage, just get Traditional Soppressata and you’d be surprised how happy they will be. If you really want to enjoy this excellent sausage, slice it thin and pop in a toothpick. Make your day great with Soppressata.