Traditional Culatello Strolghino (box n° 3 Salami)

Traditional Culatello Strolghino (box n° 3 Salami)

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Traditional Culatello Strolghino (box n° 3 Salami) is salami with small diameter but with a delicious taste and great aroma. The sweet sausage is made with the meat obtained from trimmed Cutello. The pork meat used to make the Traditional Culatello Strolghino is the best part of the pig. It is delicate, lean and particularly sweet.

Comes wrapped in straw papers, the sausage will delight your palate. Despite its small size, it is rich in taste. It is nicely packed to make it ready to be easily sliced and consumed. If you are looking for a delicious sausage for lunch or dinner, Traditional Culatello Strolghino (box n° 3 Salami) is the best sausage for you.

Wherever you are, you can enjoy the best sausage from Italy and feel the tradition and a great taste from Italy. Now is the time to slice it and enjoy the taste!

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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