Traditional Coppa Salami

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Nicely made with the shoulder and neck meat of pork, Traditional Coppa Salami is boneless pork rubbed with spices and dry cured for months. If you are looking for a sausage with a rich earthy flavor that melts your taste bud, look no further than Traditional Coppa Salami.

When this delicious sausage is thinly sliced and rolled on a platter, you can serve it with bread and any other thing you like. With the Traditional Coppa Salami salted with salt and spiced with pepper and cloves like nutmeg and cinnamon, you are going to enjoy it like no other salami. The flavor is intense and distinctive, making it delicate and sweet.

Whichever type of wine you want to combine the specially made sausage with, you are going to love the excellent taste. Get it sliced and enjoy it with any wine you love!