Salame Rosa: Mortadella's hidden brother

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Salame Rosa is known around the world as a rare and delicious sausage. It is one of the products that represent the culture of Italy. Whether you’ve visited Italy or not, you already know that every sausage from Italy is special. But Salame Rosa: Mortadella’s Hidden brother is even exceptional because it is delicious.

Consist of a mix lean pork meat from pork cheek, Salame Rosa: Mortadella’s Hidden brother is seasoned with pepper, salt, and garlic. This is naturally made and seasoned. Its unmistakable aroma makes it the favorite of many people around the world. That is why it is scarce on the market.

We have it in store now. If you are looking for a delicious sausage that has no artificial ingredient, Salame Rosa is the right choice. Gather your friends or your family members and make them enjoy the delicious Salame Rosa: Mortadella’s Hidden brother.