Pancetta Norcia - Peppered (Whole)

Pancetta Norcia - Peppered (Whole)

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Pancetta Norcia is a premium pork meat selected from the rib of pigs and seasoned with pepper and other natural ingredients. It is tasty and aromatic. The ground pepper is spread over the whole Pancetta Norcia to give it an excellent taste and great aroma.

Whether you are eating it raw or cooking it, the aroma and the taste will fill your mouth and tickle your taste bud. It is nicely packed to make sure it remains fresh. Not only is Pancetta Norcia sweet, but it is also nutritious. Whichever wine you choose to combine with it, you are going to love the delicious sausage.

To enjoy it better, be sure to thinly slice it. If you can’t consume everything at once, throw it in the fridge and take it out whenever you want to eat it again.

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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