Typical Naples Salami

Typical Naples Salami

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Typical Naples Salami is made of a mixture of fine Italian pork, spices, and black pepper. It is one of the most loved products among pork products. It has a dense and firm consistency, a bright red color and speckled with pepper grains.

In the past, typical Naples Salame was used for professional work and eaten during important celebrations because of its quality. It is genuine, quality salami that offers not only a sweet taste and irresistible aroma but excellent nutritional value.

The transformation of high-quality pork and its aging are done by strictly following the hygienic traditional methods. You deserve a great sausage whenever you are hungry. So whether you are looking for something delicious to eat for lunch or dinner, Naples Salami is the best.

A taste of the delicious pork meat will make you salivate for more.

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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