Dolceterra Collection: Salami Apulia 6 Artisan-made

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Dolceterra collection: salami Apulia 6 artisan-made will not only delight your eye but also your palate. The collection will enable you to savor some cold cuts from the Apulia region of Italy. This is the ultimate gift for family and friends because it is delicious. Whether it is being served as an appetizer or for a special occasion, this food is perfect for all occasions.

Made with pork meat, mixed spices, food fiber, pepper, dextrose, saccharose, flavoring and garlic, this special food is the best gift you can send to someone special to you. It doesn’t matter the occasion; whether it is a birthday, Christmas, Easter or any occasion, Dolceterra collection: salami Apulia 6 artisan-made is the best gift.

This gift package offers several salamis with different taste. If you want to make him or her happy, send this gift now. Make that order today and make someone happy!

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