"Deavina" Coppa Salami

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Deavina Coppa Salami has become one of the people’s favorite, thanks to not only its pleasant and delicate aroma but its great taste. Obtained from the muscles of pig neck and flavored with salt or spices, this less intense red color pork meat is seasoned with ground red pepper.

When you cut it with a knife, you can simply accompany it with a glass of fresh and moderately alcoholic red wine and homemade bread. The sausage is characterized by its perfect balance between its lean and fat parts. It offers a taste that delights taste bud. That is why it is popular on Italian tables.

But you don’t need to live in or visit Italy to enjoy Deavina Coppa Salami, you can order one right where you are sitting in front of your TV set. Cut it with a sharp knife and enjoy the taste like never before!